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Noob Question: Python or Java?

What will be better for a first language? I don't have any experience in any type of programming so I prefer the one that is easier but I also want to take into account its utility in the long term, both in the usage of it and as a stepping stone to learning new languages. I want to make games in the future if that's relevant

11/8/2018 2:08:04 PM

Kyle De Oro

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Java is fun to begin with, learn the basics and then move on to learning Python


Definitely Python it one of most easiest programming language and currently python is most famous and demanding language in market so definitely it will be there for long term. And If you want to be a game developer then you have to study C++ and unity. Btw you can start by any language the basic concept of every language is same just syntax is changed. But yeah for sake of easy and interest python is better.


This question can't be answered for you, it's 100% up to you. Go through both Java and Python, see which one you find most fun. Personally, Java is the better choice since it can be a very stable ground to stand on when learning other OOP-languages, whilst Python remains a widely used language for AI, Java is more common for making games. Depending on how far you want to go in game development, I'd actually choose neither, you could read up on JS or C# for scripting in Unity. Or you could use C++ as a base since it's more popular alternative in game development in engines such as Unreal Engine.


If you are completely new to programming,you might enjoy learning python first as it's syntax is much more easier than is better for game developing though


So basically java is more on game developing while python is like an all around type? I think I'll start with python as most of you said it is easier to learn and can be used for various purposes Thank you to all those who answered!