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Animation Without CSS is possible??

Does it is possible that we can animate such elements visuals. Without JS?

11/5/2018 11:27:00 AM

Raj Ghosh

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Raj Ghosh Doing animation with JS is possible but many disadvantages. 1. If browser disables JS, then no animation. 2. Css animations are optimized by browsers, so they ll always run faster than its JS counterpart. Its a trick in making web games : if you have simple repeating animation then best to outsource it to css(to reduce frame redraw). 3. Adding simple animation with Css(@keyframes) is so much easier than doing it with JS. Now doing CSS with JS might be another topic and its getting popular due to React css loaders, that use JS for css The down side of css animation is you can create only simple repetitive animations, you cant do conditional complex animations, for that we would use, canvas(2d), webGL(3d) in JS.


Technically yes.look at this:


Raj Ghosh I don't think so .


Calviղ good point .


if you're not hoping to use css,js for animations..then you have to settle with the depreciated <marquee> tag


Without CSS, without JS...then what the animation you want to run with?


Raj Ghosh and Toni Isotalo You can do animation with JS(Canvas), you didnt need css to do that


My point is that, if we do animation with js it will be visually good and dynamic. But can we do the same without JS? That's my point of view..


Victor Ambutsi Khamati Lol marquee is removed on html5 but people still use it I don't know which part of real projects does marquee is used for.


Morpheus That's what i'm looking for, thank you.


No CSS and JS animation? 😆 You can't animate with HTML. 😆


I think its possible but turning my thought into reality seems hard,ha ha all in all why don't you try to canvas the HTML? The <marquee> element also brings some type of animation