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Hey guys I was wondering if there is anybody that is down to message or something because I could really use some help with this photoshop class. I need an adobe photoshop cc 2018 but I can’t pay for it so I tried gimp and can’t quite figure it out. Please help! Don’t want to fail my class.

11/5/2018 12:42:40 AM

Senisa Aldape

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Hey Senisa Aldape ! The Q&A section is used for when you have a question regarding programming or if you need help fixing a bug in your code. I understand if you need help with downloading software for a class, but please try to avoid posting it in this section if it is off-topic or not related to programming (you could rather post this onto your activity feed).


No worries! d:


I can't really endorse the use of cracked software, so Does your institute not provide licenses for software which is compulsory for the course you are undertaking? Have you tried talking to your lecturers and see if you can get a copy, or at least a trial version which would last you throughout an assignment? If those aren't really options, start an online fundraiser. Kickstarter, Gofundme, etc. :>


okay sorry i didnt know how this app works still


yes thats true. thank you. and no I am able to download GIMP for free which is similar to adobe ohotoshop cc 2018 but i cant figure it out on changing the photo to liquify