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Can the average programmer get into the field of Cybersecurity or do you have to be amongst the best to enter this domain?

Looking at other related threads in Q&A it seems like a knowledge of C/C++ and assembly? is required. But my guess is that just knowing these languages is not enough. Do you need to be a math genius or an expert in number theory? Or do the skills required depend on the role as there are a wide range of roles in this field from penetration tester to encryption algorithm designer etc. What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any experience in this area?

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Cyber security is used very lightly and broadly, but as you stated, it depends on the role. You can go from securing data on the JS side to securing the server OS itself. I have few, likely outdated, experience but I wouldnt consider myself even a beginner since I dont do any of that often (Lost interest). Cryptography is a place where you would need to be pretty advanced in math and algorithms. Some things like query processing are already made available by programming language devs, so just knowing how and when to use the tools is, i suppose, a cybersecurity skill. c/cpp/asm are needed when you really want to get deep and damaging; or if you want to make a secure server (i doubt asm is used for that lol). And ofc different languages are used... In conclusion, just learning what they do and what is needed is enough, however, you will have to be advanced in programming and have creative thinking; you cant just hop in blindly. If you want to get into it on a deep level, understanding computers and CONTINUED


Thanks for your answers 「HAPPY TO HELP」, KatharinaSt. Kirk Schafer thanks. No specific role. The question is not about me but more about satisfying my curiosity and having a community based alternative to Google Search.


Operating systems is a must. Finally, of course math will play a role and in the professional level, which i am not and havent looked into, i assume they have their discrete math and ways of mathematically doing a task


Yeah it can be very easy just need an experience to show up and ola you're Cybersecurity expert. It goes perfectly programmer + Subersecurity.... Good luck.... 💻


It is not necessary that average programmers should go to the cybersecurity field. If they having the enough knowledge of programming but much knowledge of networking fundamentals then, he will be able to go to cybersecurity field. (REST OF THIS ANSWER :- I want also to become a cyber security expert. But as per the expert gives the security to an application, and other web servers, it must be knowing at least fundamentals of programming languages. Then he will be able to take responsibility to security.) If any one who wants to become cyber security expert, then first of all he knows at least basic knowledge of all programming languages. Here is the link for learning cyber security :-


No, you don‘t have to. Look at the OWASP Top 10 (e.g. XSS which is still one of the most widespread attacks/attack entry point nowadays) to get a first picture. I suppose there are good YouTube videos about those, too. Read books about that topic. Dive into hacking tools like Burp etc (but do not try to do automated attacks an live sites that do not belong to you, of course!!). Look at HTML code, HTTP headers etc via browser developer tools. You‘ll get into it soon if you are interested in that topic, I‘m sure. It‘s a really interesting topic! :-) If you have gained some experience (takes a while though) you can start participating in so called bug bounty programs. You can even earn money there if you are good enough. By the way, hacking is much about being creative.


cybersecurity is a very broad realm. what do you want to do?(e.g. secure networks, secure websites, analyze virus signatures) learning programming is an advantage (especially if you are going to delve into the code of a virus for example). however, knowledge of different operating systems are a must. this will give you an idea of how a system works. knowledge about networking is also important (servers, tcp/ip). command line (windows) and terminal (linux/mac) are your friends. 😄


Sonic im learning cybersecurity myself right now. Knowing how different OS's and platforms behave is the most important thing along with networking knowledge


lot of people have said very good and interesting things here... but your interest will determine how badly you want it and need it... if it just for knowledge based there are already prepared tools you can use on windows and most especially on linux(which has lot of them for free and badass too) but if you really want to be a badass cyber security guy you need to understand how the system it self work on the core part were you will be needing assembly, C and C++ which will allow you do lot of things your self("allocate memory and the likes) which python can also be added to it to broad up your C, and networking also is a must know.... and algorithm for breaking and creating new problems must be known too this is were mathematics comes in... i think on YouTube there are tutorials for math for programing some can still start with that.... but as a novice i love a saying in the cyber world "code it yourself" that why i don't love using tools and have started learning C and i do read up on networking too...


Experience? Yes. Role dependency? Yes. Programming? It depends. Care to narrow down the role?


this are five programming language every Cyber security must know follow the link


blackwinter but at least there are some necessary things one must learn


probably... blackwinter if you don't know were you are going or let me say can't predict how you are going to be or become you will get tired easily... that is you probably should know all what you need to become a cyber guy


blackwinter i get what you are talking about but one can still read the prerequisites up and start learning them one after the other.... almost 90% of programmers are self taught


TO be able to learn cybersecurity you need to have a slight knowledge in operating system along with networking .


Basic or advanced knowledge on c and cpp can be linked with cybersecurity so I think a programmer can only if he has idea about cybersecurity


you must be up to date with bleeding edge technology. Writing kernels and finding or creating worm holes in the code before the bad guys do.


Cyber security is more domain security than Programming. Programmers who are on more than average level can be there (I guess) further u need intelligence to be in there


Further it is good idea to get ur programming level reach


u must also be verh good in the networking field..know how gbe protocols work and behave...🔥