Create an offline application with React.

I want to create an offline React Application. I've looked at `create-react-app`, but I know that service workers are not supported, except in Safari 11.x. The problem is, not many people update their apps, like Safari, therefore they may not be supported...

10/31/2018 8:17:53 PM

Edwin Pratt

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“Building an offline-first app with React and RxDB” by Esteban Herrera https://link.medium.com/sW5LbH4EkW Also have a look at PWA (Progressive Web App) which works offline or at very slow network speeds. “Progressive Web Apps with React.js: Part I — Introduction” by Addy Osmani https://link.medium.com/q8qO3PiFkW explore the other parts of the above series on medium.