Does anyone have problems with wifi network, sometimes only 4g network works to me on SoloLearn application?

Wifi networking not workin on SoloLearn app

10/30/2018 4:38:11 PM

Florin Belaj

10 Answers

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Check setting


So it's problem everywhere...


maybe this app needs 60dbm to run properly ? Check your wifi strength signal ( there are many apps on play store for that ). When I have ~80dbm then I have problems with this app and connection 😐


Same here even 4G cuts out sometimes it's very annoying


Me too but 4G is not quite a thing here in SA


I have never faced this problem, but sometimes just cannot find random competitor in quizes, showing error that I have connectivity problem.


That's a Brand dependent issue, good to where the phone was bought


i use h+ 3g and 4g it work well but this app collect must of data when am using it..


Wifi problem is usually a brand/model issue. See your vendor


same here, no success with wifi, 4g only