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Jquery not working in codeplayground

Hi everyone I copied and pasted a to do list I created with HTMl,CSS & JS with jquery. but the js and jquery doesn't seem to work. all I get is the html and the css styling. How do I go about this ? thanks Dylan

10/30/2018 7:54:42 AM

dylan britz

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In the Code Playground, the scripts in the JS tab are run before the document loads. You will need to defer it (window.onload for example).


It should work, maybe you didn't include the HTML <script> tag in the HTML file?


thanks mate


I made this just for this purpose https://code.sololearn.com/WlA8Fx8bl6nI/#


I did but I even used a cdn to connect jquery but when I run the app I don't get any error all I get is a styled html app with no functionality. just a disclaimer I did design it in sublime first not in code playground and it seemed to work perfectly in my browser.