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Regex not working...

import re pattern = r"^\d{2}[\.-]\d{2}[\.-]\d{4}\s \d{2}[\.:]\d{2}[\.:]\d{2}" match = re.match(pattern, "01-01-1977 12:56:33") if match: print("Match 1") match = re.match(pattern, "2-29-2012 3:30:33") if match: print("Match 2") match = re.match(pattern, " ! $?") if match: print("Match 3")

1/5/2017 4:24:51 PM

Dennis Hasdan

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I see what it is. Your pattern is what's wrong... "\s \d" That portion is the culprit. \s allows 1 tab, space,new line etc but in your string you added spaces of your own. So it's looking for a newline/tab/space followed by another 4 spaces. Remember spaces in your Regex String counts too. How to fix this? pattern = r"^\d{2}[\.-]\d{2}[\.-]\d{4}\s\d{2}[\.:]\d{2}[\.:]\d{2}" # I swear typing Regex is a pain in the arse. # :^)


Hi Dennis, depending on how strict you wish to be, you could also use instead of match.match and using groups to the portions you desire and using ".*?" in between, what could be one or more different characters. pattern = re.compile('(\d{1,2}[\.-]\d{1,2}[\.-]\d{4}).*?(\d{1,2}[\.:]\d{1,2}[\.:]\d{1,2})') match ="2-29-2012 3:30:33") date = time = I changed the code a little bit, to work with 1 or 2 digits in the dates and times. hope this helps.


Thanks Don! extra 4 spaces threw me off;)