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Why notifications do not point to exact location?

Whenever i get a notification about my comments the related link does not go directly to my own comment so if i do not remember my comment contents then i have to look for my comment manually which is boring and time wasting .. there is not even a list of names ..etc to make search easier.

1/5/2017 12:59:33 PM


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You can write that in the feedback option from Sololearn app. It can be a suggestion to improve this app. ;-)


Ok! I'm going to send this suggestion, too! Thank You!


This problem is solved now! Thank you SoloLearn!💚


Thank you Cezar .. yes i can but maybe it will be better if that problem is confirmed by others like you!


Possibly if something has a sololearn tag then it will be considered by sololearn team .. and site!