WCF service and broken connection (rudolph ?)

I am busy developing kind of a client/server application. For me it is is really important that the server and the client notice if the one or the other has died, has a broken connection or is shutdown. Is this possible with a WCF-service ? (I am still thinking that a collection of sockets it the best option for me, but have not learned enough of WCF-service's)

10/15/2018 8:49:24 PM


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sneeze I am doing a client-server application these days. Server - a WCF service (it will be hosted on the local IIS web server [ideally - on a remote host] ), which will manage the data in the database (here I will apply the Entity Framework code first) Client - a WPF application, where a registered user can enter certain data to DB, or receive them (in one word CRUD). All this I will post on GitHub for general review. Perhaps this will help you understand the distributed API - WCF


i'm not familiar with those, but normally when connection failed the code will throw an error. what you need to do is catch the error and handle it properly.


Thank you foto your reply!