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Platinum level with silver skills

Does anyone else feels like they achieved platinum status but their skills are not platinum level? After doing challenges to get all challenge badges I found myself catapulted to higher levels yet daily I feel like I don't deserve it, like maybe people should be able to click a downgrade button to downgrade themselves to a lower level.

10/15/2018 4:55:44 AM


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Practice, practice, practice. Your skills will get better. I'm definitely in the same boat (translation: you aren't going to see any platinum celebration code from me, lol!!)


Ahri Fox same here. I do same mistakes in the challenges because I’m not good at memorising but after gold I don’t think I can ever reach platinum. I’m already bored.


Ahri Fox , SomDorrie yes I’m planning on that. Also I’m checking other online courses in the meantime.


So humble of you Jay Matthews , SomDorrie . I see here it can be easy to level up but only practice and time makes a good coder.


Challenges are a test of SPAM SPAM SPAM and at many times (100% guarenteed in HTML) Memorize Memorize and Memorize


SomDorrie most guys that are platinum have gained almost all of their xp from html (which is not a programming language) 🙊


Let your level inspire you to get better. The quest for knowledge never ends anyway.


x!=tina you should make more codes. not for leveling, but for learning, I'm assuming you still need to learn.


HonFu Python, those are intimidating challenges, I've done maybe 2 or 3, I wasn't a fan of losing 😀 Today alone I've lost almost every JS challenge I've done, but I've looked at the correct answers and learned something, there is value in challenges, but up to a certain point, after that point doing them becomes like playing super mario or something, purely for entertainment


Thanks, I'm on it


Same boat... well, although I have about a 1000 xp left to get for platinum. ;-) I think it doesn't matter. After you can solve most of the challenges and after you have all the badges, you get bored and start to concentrate on other stuff anyway, like coding, reviewing, discussing and helping, while gradually closing that skill gap.


⏩ Prometheus ⏪ I'm daily trying to improve but yes, I too am not good at ANY programming language. Javascript sure I'm advancing but wouldn't call myself good


I've been here for years, and I'm still Gold! Granted I'm a plat mod, but that makes me feel like I haven't done enough to deserve that, when really it's just that I never do challenges.


Exactly, that's true Somedorrie, I'm in the same situation but am working on it.


Jay Matthews the no celebration code part made me chuckle, same boat dude.


ifl sounds like a plan


x!=tina I think sometimes we chase levels instead of really learning the material, but in our defence it really is easy to level up 😀


Apart from significant Python skills, I don't think I am even good at any language.


HonFu once I memorized all html challenges I got so bored I took a Udemy course so I could attempt to really learn something.


x!=tina I think boredom can be cured by more coding