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Sololearn is bugged!

Have you ever experienced it or is it just me? Recently in a few challenges, I saw that although I selected the right answer, it said “wrong”. And when the results came, my selected answer was right but I got zero points because the app thinks I selected some other option. I have lost a few games due to this bug (not all). No I ain’t saying this as an excuse but this sucks me big time. I simply want to enjoy a win or lose but in a fair way, not because of some annoying bug! Edit: if it’s just me I’ll delete this post. Thankyou!

10/14/2018 5:41:58 PM


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SPH1NX yes that could be a reason. Sometimes I start playing and then somehow it would’nt let me play any further. But declares the result giving me no points ofcourse.


I did report on the page where correct answers are shown but I don’t think any reporting has ever been checked by Sololearn.


BroFarOps then I’ll have to screenshot every quiz because I don’t know which one will be missjudged!


Muhd Khairul Amirin Bin Yaacob hopefully..


pavel no (нет) go to discuss. I don’t speak russian.


Andrea Oggioni (Etabeta1) yeah that too


It happened to me also some times. Somehow I've the feeling that it is basically all the time when I've to enter text with the keyboard. My suspicion is that the b&$$#@ autocorrection adds a space at the end or something like that... 😖 Will watch it more careful in future after I got a little more stable and don't mess it up myself that much anymore... 😉


Steven I do read them twice if i have time and it indicates “multiple options are correct”.


yep... i ever get that... but when i do that, i tap the answer and tap "check" so quickly, so maybe its my fault😅


Sololearn is not really stable after the new update😨 I hope devs will repair this problem as soon as possible


I have faced the same problem somewhere in the html challenges too, can't remember where in particular.


As always take a screenshot and send an email to [email protected]


Hi Everyone! Whenever you face anything suspicious please immediately make screenshots and send directly to [email protected] Every bug reported is being carefully checked.


Tina where is your all codes miss?💐


Tina I guess u have written some mind blowing codes,but where is that???


Tina it happened to me too


Tina that's not matter at all. I know ,u will be the great coder,it's all will be your hard work. Anyway,what degree u have till now ,just casually asking,if u don't have any problem?


Tina that's really impressive... I mean u r not from cse background... Same for me, I'm also ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Student and got interested in coding and machine learning and all that... which field u r interested?


it happened to me also that it dont load the question and i must exit then when i re enter it says time finished


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