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Java and Xml

Java + XML = Android

10/11/2018 7:02:12 AM


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No its not but you can make basic apps without networking or data base functions with JAVA + XML


Thanks so java + xml use just for application without data. I have understood.


Thanks for you


1) You can develop android app with Java and/or Kotlin language 2) Xml is used in android apps for some declarations which manifest, layouts, values etc but probably you need other resource also (like images, sounds and other raw files that you app use) 3) Networking not conditionate an app construction (you can do with java) 4) For some special case like native like performance boost or c/c++ library use, you can add c++ code supported officially like Java and Kotlin 5) Your is not a question, your is more similar to an expression and as expression i answered you 6) Your real question, i suppose, is "Its true that an android app is composed only by java and xml files?" then next time, please, be more descriptive on your questions and dont limits it to a simple expressions like you did in this case


Java + XML != Android