Which one is best......1.programmer.....2.developer.... 3.ethical hacker.......and why..? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Which one is best......1.programmer.....2.developer.... 3.ethical hacker.......and why..?

10/11/2018 4:40:59 AM

Rajat Kaushik

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 Programmer is someone who can solve problems by by manipulating computer code. They can have a wide range of skill levels—from just being “ok” with basic scripting to being an absolute sorcerer with any language. A Hacker is someone who makes things. In this context, it’s someone who makes things by programming computers. This is the original, and purest definition of the term, i.e., that you have an idea and you “hack” something together to make it work. It also applies to people who modify things to significantly change their functionality, but less so. A Developer is a formally trained programmer. They don’t just solve problems or create things, but do so in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles. These include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and (ideally) security. In short, all three solve problems using code. Programmer is the umbrella term which means problem solver, a Hacker is the creator/tinkerer, and a Developer is a formally trained programm


i think every job has there own place..but i think ethical hacker are best than programer & developer because programer can think & can write a code but hacker studies the code and can find even a small loop holes and can hack


pizza delivery boy...no i don't think ethical hackers are pizza delivery boy...they are white hat hackers...😂😂


Rajat Kaushik Rk yaa ethical hackers have an extra oridnary mind...hacking is really an art


Vishnu I Appreciate Your Answer!!!🌹👌👍😍🤗😊✌🌹


Programmer Because Programmer can switch to a developer or an Ethical hacker when you want


i know yrr...they r white hat hacker and find bugs on system and help to correct them... but you really think that he don't know about ethnical hacker...😂😂😂


he is a pizza delivery boy.....😂😂😂😂 😂




You have to be a programmer to be a developer or an ethical hacker, programmers cover it all, if you are ‘aiming’ to be either of those, you need to be able to program


yaa....right...bro...& thanx...


yaaa...rose u r right...i also like ethnical hacker bcz they r the only one who help programmer and developer to correct their mistake and make things better....they have very deep knowledge..... and they have extra ordinary mind..👍👍




None of those jobs can be considered as best, objectively speaking. It all depends on what you like to do, and with what conditions you accept to work


AL Araf Developer devolops that ?


Just do all like a boss..its what i want to do anyways..


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Rajat Kaushik Rk What is an "ethnical hacker"? :-D 🤔😁😀😆😂🤣



My vote is goes to the programmer. Because he knows all the way of logic and he will create a lot of things. On that, developers and hackers are dependent. If programmer dosent create any program for a software, then what hackers and developers will do? They just nothing without programmers . Even hackers know that how to crack a software ! But, without a programmer, how they crack a software, if software dosent exist? And about developers, they know how to develope a software ! But if a programmer is not creating a software, then how developers also develope that software? Thats why , programmers is must important for this technological world ! 💪💪💪