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Importint tkinter (python) in Android

I want to use tkinter. Computer or Laptop doesn't have in my home ,Is there any way to import tkinter module of python in my android phone...??

10/9/2018 6:39:59 PM

Dharmesh Kale

7 Answers

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You need to go to Pip, then search for the library "threadsafe-tkinter" and download this one.


You should be able to do it with Pydroid 3


I could be wrong about tkinter in Pydroid3. If you choose pip in the Pydroid3 menu and search tkinter it shows what's available


I have Pydroid3 (version 2.22) in my Cell and it works perfectly


Luiz , i also have Pydroid (version 2.22) but not work on my mobile. is you install some library or do something...??


Darmesh, i just install the Pydroid3 app


David Ashton , when i type "from tkinter import * " it not working on pydroid 3.