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Will Sololearn introduce any hardware courses?

Is the teaching of hardware, networking etc. in the Sololearn course roadmap or are these things better left to other education providers?

10/8/2018 5:29:59 AM


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Thanks Hatsy Rei . I love Jan's wish list and all its sarcasm! It's funny you mentioned it as some entries in that list are not that different from what I first found on Sololearn in late 2015 before having a 3 year break from this platform. In 2015, Sololearn had courses on MSExcel, Digital Marketing, Photography, Christmas Photography and even Makeup 😁. Though I completed all of them at the time, I rarely use most of that 'knowledge' today. Yes, Sololearn is a lot more focused today and I get your point about the risks of wanting to be another EdX, Coursera, Udemy or Alison. But I will be interested in revisiting this question 3 to 5 years from now and seeing what exactly is available on Sololearn. As fine details about the future and the path that technology takes are not always predictable, I suppose only time will tell how our community shapes this platform in the coming years.


Thanks for the first answer AL Araf !


Yusuf Miftahudeen I think Sololearn is doing pretty well financially with some large investors supporting it as of late.


🐧 Eitan Prezes I agree. At the end of the day it's up to the community, moderators and sololearn. You could email sololearn about your proposal for a networking course if you have some background. You could come up with a lesson plan maybe. Not sure how it works here, maybe you go through a peer review process of the plan and then lessons.


Miracle, if you are using Sololearn on a mobile device, just click on the graduation hat 🎓 icon on the top left, select a course/topic and go through the lessons. If you have never programmed before the HTML course is probably the easiest one to start with although HTML is a markup language (not a programming language). But it's a good stepping stone. Also search the Q and A section for your specific question and what others have suggested.


🐧 Eitan Prezes yes and assembly is also processor specific. fpga programming I guess falls under firmware.


⏩ Prometheus ⏪ in 2015 Sololearn had courses on photography, Christmas photography and makeup believe it or not.


Sydney Jasmine, PyDan, mana, $hardul Birje, my personal opinion is that I would love lesson series on Ardunio, Raspberry Pi and asm. But it will need to go through the Mods and Sololearn authorities. I'm just a guy with a personal opinion. If you have an interest in creating/suggesting these courses you can contact [email protected] as well as discuss further wish Mods like Hatsy Rei on the suitability of such courses. If you have the ability to create such a course, you will probably have more influence than someone wanting others to create it for you. And yes, ironically, teaching a topic is one way to learn more about it.


Yes, challenges in Assembly would be fun for a minority of learners 😁. They probably need to be kept simple to keep people engaged. This would be one of the challenges to introduce such a course. Minority interest. But not all courses on here have or need to have challenges. Being processor specific is another challenge for such topics. But there may be special interest in courses like Raspberry Pi if/when they become more mainstream. When I asked the original question what I had in mind was more the basics of hardware and probably some networking but it's good to discuss these other topics.


That's a good idea Chris 👍


Good work Charles Beason . So will we see a raspberry pi course from you one day?


If it possible then we can learn more interesting things. And can enhance our skills.


Excellent ideas Charles Beason .


This wish list provided by Jan basically summarises most SL users: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1198480/?ref=app What people need to understand is that SoloLearn offers courses for programming languages... Of course, branching out into new fields is interesting, but losing focus and objective is a risk too lame to take. I swear I've seen the same request elsewhere (to which I've removed and can no longer find). In the end, it's all up to you - Community suggestions drive the development of SL. I'll take it as a suggestion and mark this for development if you don't mind.


Well I'm waiting for some course about Arduino and some guidance (like some tips) for Raspberry Pi!!!


It's more on software programming


Sonic Thanks for mentioning it btw. I just checked SL's crunchbase site and there are still hints leftover from the photography course. :> That said, Raspberry, Arduino and such courses doesn't sound bad at all. Robotics deal with programming anyway.


I got surprised no answer but 9 upvotes 😱😱!! By the way, I think if hardware courses are opened that will be better for the SoloLearners!! You can also suggest SoloLearn outhority about this matter!!


Need asm courses first


thanks for like strom