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Hi, i was checking around SoloLearn app, and found sometimes the post and Q&A sections of these app are a disturbing the learning process (core idea of SoloLearn app). Instead what i thought is, separate Q&A and the new post sections to a new blog app and the lessons, code challenge and code playground the in the normal app. This is just a idea guys, please don't get me wrong. Thankyou.

10/5/2018 6:02:13 AM


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But Q&A discussions section saves our time!! If this section is removed from the app and another app is opened with blog post,then our time might be wasted!! such as: your are learning a lesson but you aren't understanding a topic than you can post it to Q&A discussions for solutions! On the contrary, if you go to post your question to another app, it will take much time!! moreover the person who knows the answers may not be on that app at that moment!! Besides you have to check that app for the answers!! For these reasons I think Q&A discussions is appropriate with same app, there is no need to open another app!😊😊 By the way, you can send your wish and suggestions to SoloLearn outhority by mailing them!!😊


Hmmm... you are also right Ethene!😃


AL Araf i absoultly agree with you, just i felt that because, you dont get too much notifications while learning.