Your Sololearn profile shows how many followers you have, but how do you find out how many people you are following?

I mean without going through a list and counting them.

10/3/2018 8:20:14 AM


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Yes you are right, Janning⭐. If everyone followed 10000 people there would probably be a lot of spam and unnecessary data traffic in the system.


Probably an improvement for the 2019 version? Or does no one care about that?


Lalis Bravo! as Janning⭐ said. Full marks for thinking outside the box. Even if you won't be able to see all the people you're following (especially when this number grows) you will be able to see a fair number of them.


😅 Yeah I generate enough mess on my own feed. So much so that I can't find THE one (and only thus far) feed post (needle) that I put in my own activity feed among all my Q&A activity (haystack), let alone the activity of the people I follow (and I really don't follow that many -- scared of the extra traffic).


People care because there is a follow limit. (The follow limit may or may not be 1000, the records don't seem to be conclusive.) This is the most recent thread that I was involved in. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1526940/?ref=app


there is trick


There is no way to count that.


Lalis , that is a neat trick. Bravo!


I think it does not matter. The main thing is learning)