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Can I write an Financial accounting program alone? please guide me

9/29/2018 10:27:31 PM


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I mean ... Financial Accounts Program


ex.. Management invoice...

+3 Yes, you can and good luck.


I am not sure I understand. if you can provide more information I am sure we can help. Whos financial accounts are these? What is the purpose of the program? When are you trying to do this? Where is this being deployed? Why are you wanting to do this? How would you like to do this? Answers to questions like these, and more, will help readers help you. Best of luck.


What is the accounting equation or formula you are trying to automate?


that's not a simple task. I do not understand about accounting but to build such a software you will need basic knowledge on accounting. You can build it in a modular way. Decide what the program will do, then devide each in it's own module. That way your program can be easier to build.


only simple programs,,, Don't get Frustrated cos you program not like QuickBooks


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