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Udp Joke

I have a udp joke but you might not get it.

1/3/2017 12:19:08 AM

Xavier Kibet

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@Xavier: Normally I wouldn't break this into a joke but...udp isn't lossy; it's *allowed* to be (and that matters): 1. UDP makes a big difference when used for raw speed (like MMO games, where partially-out-of-sync is designed in)...like: 2. RAID 0 for video editing: 'unsafe' but blazing fast response (vs. 'safe' storage) and who cares if a disk crashes; you're editing off a master anyway...or/related to: 3. A search farm strategy: buy a zillion junk computers nobody wants, glue them together with redundant multiprocessing. Crazy fast answers...and if some fail, throw them out - because who cares - the 'best effort' finishers drown out the failures. The takeaway is: UDP is quick (/reckless). TCP is important (/reliable). * (/edits after some votes)


I didn't :(


What about a TCP then?



udp is a disorganized way of sending data mostly resulting to loses


cleaner better but still related.


.... \ / o o ____ Um......Then what?