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Should i master c++ or python for pentesting?

1/2/2017 11:08:33 PM


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+4 Low-level and memory exploit defense, overflows, web, software, analysis techniques (fuzzing, boxing), pentesting. Code assignments. C language. Free.


it depends on your preference. usually OK knowledge is enough for junior level, but python is more used in general. penetration testing is a wide area, people use to specialize in different areas in it.


Generally hackers/pentesters to be are working towards having a strong reputation and we have this rank: Kiddy hacker: Those who very little programming knowledge but are quit logical on bypassing simple security. Intermediate hackers/Crackers: They have some experience with programming languages and terminals but rely on tools made by other to carry out their pen-testing activities. Expert/Masters: They have a good experience with pen-testing activities and are skilled in several programming languages so that they make their own modified tools. In essence, the more programming language you are familiar and good at the better your pen-testing skills. Good luck!


I think you should learn C++