How is the output "6 -6 0 1" c gets incremented in the if statement then how is c 0


9/26/2018 4:08:13 AM

Adarsh Naidu

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Adarsh Naidu Explanation: In case of d= ++a && ++b || ++c; So first the a value gets incremented to 6 and the b value gets incremented to -6. Here the logical and operator performs its action The ‘&&’ operator returns true when both the conditions in consideration are satisfied. Otherwise it returns false. It means as 6 && -6 it is true ,so the value is 1 so the and operation over here.. So to understand it well first know how logical or works. The ‘||’ operator returns true when one (or both) of the conditions in consideration is satisfied. Otherwise it returns false. For example, a || b returns true if one of a or b is true (i.e. non-zero). Of course, it returns true when both a and b are true. If any of the condition is true automatically the true value is 1 In case of false it is zero.. So the logical and operator that is 6 && -6 it becomes true and the value is 1. If anyone of the side is true in or operator then everything is true and the d value becomes 1 and the incre