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Why stdio.h in C programming

9/25/2018 1:36:11 AM

Adhith T

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It contains the prototypes for the functions in the standard input/output library in C. So if you want to do basic input/output in your code you need to import this header file.


It’s the general functions library for c. It includes the basic functions like printf. Without calling on stdio.h we wont be able to use these functions. There are many other library header files like conio.h, math.h in C.


"stdio.h" is a HeaderFile in 'C' and 'C++' which store definition of predefined functions such as getch(), gets() etc.. it included in the top of 'C' & 'C++' program. In "stdio.h" "std"=standard "io"=input output ".h"= is the extension for HeaderFile in 'C' and 'C++' inside 'stdio.h' definition of function is written which are related to "standard input and output" such as gets() ,getch(), getchar(),puts(),putch()putchar() etc....


Adhith T The C and C++ standard library contains files containing the standard functions that your program may use. These files are known as header files.Header files provide function prototypes, definition for library functions. Data types and constants used with the library functions are also used in them.


The stdio.h is a header file it defines three variable types, several macros, and various functions for performing input and output.😁😁


What are other header files????


<stdio> using in C Programming because that contain input and output file like printf,scanf,getchar(),gets(),puts(),putchar() etc. <stdio> header file contain in program then compiler created error. Therefore , we use <stdio> file in c programming.




stdio.h is an in built header file


So when we are call the function printf and scanf in the c programming then we are use the header file stdio.h . stdio.h is the header file for standard input and output. ... All the input output file are contained within this package. Without this out cannot use scanf or printf functions https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/C_Programming/stdio.h


The function used for generating output is defined in stdio.h .


what if it is not there


stdio.h standard input and output it is used in order to use input and output predefined functions such as printf()-to print statements scanf()- to get input from user. It is mainly used in "c" In c++ we use iostream.h-input output stream it contains input and output such as cin>> and cout<<


To explain in a simpler manner, it is a header file used to perform any input output operation in your program. That means, if you want to print or scan any user data you need to include that header file in your code.


Because it is the header file . It means that because of it we can give the input and receive the output for our program. Write a program and then remove the header file and try to execute , you will see its importance .


It is a preprocessor directive that makes the compiler to include a header file for the standard input and output


It is a hearder file std i o - standard input output


Stdio.h is a library in c which has things stored in it


For input and output


Ousmane Leye yes as the name implies.