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Blog creating

please help I don't know how to create a blog with html.

9/10/2018 11:12:14 PM

Master Jack

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Yes, this is the recommended order, HTML-CSS-JS👍😊 You are welcome, happy learning and coding👍😊



Right, there is also CSS😊


You are welcome👍😊


Just use basic HTML like. H1-H6, Images, Font style. Videoe, basic svg <hr> etc.


it's not just html right? . because that's where am confused


yea. that's what I taught. guess after my html I will learn css along side☺ thanks anyway for it help🙌🙏🙏🙏I appreciate big time🙏👍


okay then... I keep that in mind. thanks man☺🙏👉


You can also learn Bootstrap!! I think it may make your blog more attractive!!😉😉


Very basic just learn Html basics