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Front-end development

which languages are mainly important for front-end development?? I mean how can I be a good front-end developer??

12/31/2016 4:27:29 PM


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Languages: HTML (for MarkUp:), CSS (And other styling sheet), JavaScript (DOM Manipulation) How to be good? Work and work on free and paid jobs. collaborate too. PS: You should also pick a front-end framework, for example,; Angular, React, Vue,... I hope this helps. :)


for a front-end developer you must accquire a great knowledge of css, html , javascript..... and creativity is must in this passion..


What do you mean with frontend development? You have frontends in web, desktop and mobile applications. I see the tags of your questions and I assume that you want to develop a web app. You use html for the content, css for the layout/style and javascript for making the page dynamic. For styling there are several libs for making the design simpler to code. Examples are Zurb Foundation or Twitter Bootstrap. You have to look which style you like. For becoming a good frontend developer, you have to know style principles, colormatching and things about UI - Design. Simply read web design guidelines etc. Then you can start drawing a schema with paper and pencil. Plan how the page should be look like, where you want the menu to be etc. Simply do it and after a while you get a feeling, what looks great and is good for the user to use and what not. Code on!! Adrian


first you have to know what is front end developer and what is back end developer . As much i know , Any language you know better than your competent , you can be a front end developer


Depends on what you are developing. For web development, you could do CSS, JavaScript, for application development you could possibly to Python. There are many languages out there, but some are better for one type of development than others. Hard work is the only way to be a good developer. You should always be learning something so your experience is always increasing.