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I encountered a big problem ! I want to write a program that emits some values with other values like this: With the difference that this is not cryptography and placement of letters . This process should be repeated 3 times, And with use the key to get the first letter encrypted 😢 I'm ashamed that I can not good type well

9/7/2018 2:54:58 PM


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Caesar Cipher is crypto, it's just a basic crypto. You can do string manipulation (i.e. Convert index to int, add desired value and reconvert to char) and use for if you need to repeat proccess. If you need, add a key variable in place of your value. ;) I recommend looking for ROT13 example.


You can convert the letter to its ASCII value and decrease or increase the ASCII value, then convert it back to letter in Python you can use ord() function to convert letter to its ASCII value and use chr() to convert ASCII value back to letter