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New Bug:

During the challenges when answering right, the "correct" message appears but the points won't increase. ~_~ (thumbs up so the developers can see it.)

12/30/2016 8:12:17 PM

Valen.H. ~

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...This post became a meeting place... ~_~


ValentinHacker does that bug refer to all languages? I've just played a lot of challenges, but the points were being increased together with correct answers.


Aayushman as the conversation is not related to the question, it would be better to delete them.


Which points do you mean?


I second that point Lana, I don't think it is affecting every language the same.


Post to their Facebook page. They seem to be responding to things quickly there.


FYI I just encountered this issue for the first time today. what was supposed to be a 5/5 turned out to be a 2/5. Wow


challenge points (...the ones you get when answering right...).


No problem, go on! ^_^ (i just stated the fact)


Hacker, sorry for that and answer to your question is sudden network connection error


Lana, I Deleted But Please ..... We want Some Skilled And Polite Programmers


Got the same issue on mobile during troubled network connection. I assume the javascript runs ok on the mobile but the answer is not sent to the server resulting in a timeout with an empty answer. I experienced (due to bad connectivity) a long pause between rounds and I assume it was the app trying to request the next question and not getting the response because of limited connectivity. On the end of the challenge, all the rounds where I experienced the pause where wrong answers even if some of them showed up as correct.



please I request


you will get points after your opponent will play the game..results will after both person challenge completed


Valen.H. ~ please change the subject of topic on relevant: bug of challenge modul.


So please be with us in our journey