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IOT(internet of things)

how to start with IOT .. what are the prequsite for IOT

9/3/2018 5:11:29 PM

Aakash Chavan

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Hi Aakash Chavan, IOTs are devices that you work with phisically, In other words it is a microcontroller. An populair microcontroller is ofcourse the Raspberry Pi series. The main purpose of an IOT device is that it is connected to the RJ45 (ethernet) or WiFi. For example: A cooling fridge with windows 10 IOT for sharing info or knowing how much milk you have left. Or an arduino that act as an webserver with an robot arm attached to controll it. Or an Banana pi with wheater modules that sends info to your smartphone. The possibilities are endless with IOT tech nowadays. To start with IOT, play with a arduino to get the basics. Hope it get you started👍


The recipe to get away on the internet of things is to first know a basic electronic like the use of the multimeter and the function of its main components. second choose if you are going to work the rasberry Pi or in arduino exist libraries based on c or python that allow us to advance creating applications with the utlizacion of a web programming language such as javascript. and start creating web applications or hybrid or native mobile without the need to be programming in C or PHYTON look for nodejs + iot projects and find your way to IOT. I hope you help greetings.