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Why is Python the easiest programming language to learn?


9/1/2018 6:18:03 PM

Bodan Talev

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You have no structure to follow that you initially can't understand (like a main function or class). You don't have to declare any type, if you say x is 10, then x is 10. The method and function names are intuitively understood (print, input, sort, sum etc.) and you don't have to write a lot to do a lot. Also you can practice everything in shell mode where you get an instant response.


Syntax of python is very easy to read . best language for beginner's.


You Coincidentally, I installed numpy today for the first time. It was fairly straightforward; I just had to type the following in the command prompt (Windows OS): pip install numpy


who said you that?


no ; no {} so ...no Problems


Additiional reason : Because it’s very high-level programming languages which means that you are not forced to put to many details about the program like managing memory


mohamedtalaat, Python's so convenient that way, right? Everything is done for you in the background without you even noticing! There's a disadvantage, too, though: If everything is done for you, it kind of makes it harder to figure stuff out for yourself, like how computers actually work. After a while playing around with Python, it felt a bit to me like it was an application and I was the user. That's why I recently started to look a bit into C++ to learn a bit about the messier side of things, too.


Probably because it need no ; like java and it has a very simple variable definitions


Also because of open("file.txt").read() that in java is a mess


Python is easy because: 1. It is processed at runtime by the interpreter. There's no need to compile the program before executing it. 2. It has the capability of carrying out calculations. You can enter a calculation directly, and it will output the answer. 3. Floats can be created directly by entering a number with a decimal point, or by using operations such as division on integers.


Python is very readable which makes it a favourite among beginners. Also it has a vast amount of inbuilt libraries. A rising star 'tis!


Thanks y'all!


mainly Python have idle mode to understand each and every things to understand easily.....it have simple syntax like....a=19 direct changing values to a=18 ..also it is programmer friendly...for swapping numbers in c++ it takes 7 line code but Python needs only 3 steps. ...it's memory works differently in case of Python then other languages


From learning point of view, I would recommend learning Python than any other language. It's basic syntax is very much similar to English language.


Before talking something.try installing numpy


any language is easy when you learn them python is fun especially when you learn about input function and when you learn python other languages will be easier to learn