How load data from DataGridView to radiobutton and checkbox and textboxs i c# window form application

i craate a datagridview and load data on this gridview and now i want to create doubleclick event and when doubleclick then laod or retrive all data into specific contron(means name map with name textbox and radiobutton value map in radiobuttons) how i can do this

31st Aug 2018, 5:00 PM
faheem ullah
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Hi! So, you want to get values from the grid and add them to other control. First thing you should get values from the cell. There is a Value property in the DataGridViewCell class that returns the cell’s value. Once you get the value, set the value of the destination control to the value that you formerly obtained. To access a cell of a grid use the following code: string value = dataGridView1[int colIndex, int rowIndex].Value To set a control’s value (for example a textbox) textBox1.Text = value; I hope this helps😉, ask me if you need more help, good luck!
2nd Jan 2019, 2:53 PM
Antonio Di Mauro
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