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Video game lesson

I learned C# through SoloLearn. I wanted to make Unity games but I haven’t been able to find a good tutorial and I prefer text tutorials over video ones. I was wondering if somebody will or already is working on a Unity or game design tutorial for the lesson factory? I’m not a 100% sure how the lesson factory works or if you can make like a whole tutorial or not but if you can somebody who is experienced should totally do it. I think a lot of people would use it and enjoy it because it’s probably a popular demand

8/30/2018 12:35:11 PM


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shadeyg56 this is an excellent idea!!! I have forwarded it to Sololearn for consideration and I hope our awesome community steps up to create these very useful Tutorials!!!🙂


Great Idea!! Even if nobody has submitted a lesson about it, you can still submit one and sooner maybe SoloLearn will publish a lesson plan and your lesson will be approved! Also, we're really opposite. I prefer actual tutorial than texts. 😂 I can't fully gain knowledge with just text because I'm weak with English language. 😅😅


Can't wait for these to he approved then finally published 5 months layer 😃


someone should work on unity games


yes you both are right