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[SUGGESTION] Wanted lessons list

Hello. I was wondering about some list of lessons users would like to have. There are many great lesson creators here on Sololearn, but they sometimes don't know what lesson should they submit. I would add a form to send lesson ideas to the lesson factory menu and option to view and upvote / downwote these ideas. What do you thing about it? You can also write your lesson ideas into this thread as long as we don't have such feature.

8/27/2018 7:46:55 PM

Jan Štěch

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A lesson made to understand the main differences between all the databases languages, and what is the appropriate language for our database. Example of languages : - MySQL - NoSQL - MariaDB - MongoDB


Pascal I know that Pascal isn’t really used much, but it’s a great programming language for beginners, and a lot of people here are beginners. I just feel that the more languages and the wider the variety, the better SoloLearn will be.


Pascal, Javascript libraries


SQL editor. The beta Android app Compiler has MySql editor support, it works fine, why can't we have it here?


qbasic please


i agree with your suggestion, you should send it to [email protected]


Jan Štěch yes of course, and also firebase because I'm sure a lot of people don't know firebase


blockchain Technology


idk if it fits but id love lessons revolving around cryptocurrency and blockchains


Αητοιπe I also would like to have MySQL(i) lessons. It's important to know some database languages, because you can't do almost anything with just knowlage of SQL. You need to pass queries to a server.


I would also like to have a lesson about media queries in CSS.