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PM isn't what SoloLearn needs. Open-source projects on the other hand...

I read a lot of comments regarding addition of messaging on this platform. I don't feel it is necessary. This community's objective is to learn, code and grow together. It involves teaching with source-codes such as GitHub, which does not have personal messaging btw. An achievement for us as a community would be to start open source projects and participate in existing ones. It might not happen now but when members get to a certain level of experience and expertise, may choose to launch these projects and guide newer entrants. Messaging inadvertently means networking. It's great and all, but in my opinion, isn't what SoloLearn should be. There are plenty of other platforms for that. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

8/27/2018 10:45:29 AM

Van Hohenheim

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I agree with you. I think that, the idea behind this platform is to bring aspiring coders and fellow programmers with any level of experience together and form a community, so anyone can learn to code in a simple and fun way. The Sololearn community gives something to everyone. I think for beginners like me, it fills the gap between "Beginner and Advanced" and helps to make that transition smooth and confusion free. We'd miss the whole point of all this by adding a messaging feature.


Interesting point you bring up here, yes I agree with the idea, there are enough messaging apps out there; I don't think SoloLearn should be the next one, if chatting/socializing was more important, anyone can find an app for that, plenty of options. I do however have a doubt whether advanced coders would spare their time on "educational" projects where beginners can learn to contribute into. Most of them will most likely think it's a waste of time, they have a league of their own, as some say it ... : )


I think that a PM system would be a plus. It would enable a lot of new opportunities on the platform (think mentoring, groups, etc.)


Sololearn needs more people like you 👉👉👉 👨‍💻💗👩‍💻 👈👈👈


for whom wants to chat or pm private message, there is a discord channel for sololearners.


We sometimes forget about nature of this service... This would be an online programming learning platform. With this in mind, PM are really necessary when we have yet comments? Absolutely no, i think. Messaging option to replace Q/A? If you think this, you have to know that Q/A not help only who create the question but also other users that have same problem in future, then discussions might be INCREASED (and very confusionary). For me SL has very MORE urgent problem like Web version of service that its not updated (make a confront with App version and you will see MANY lacks) from very too time


Everyone can benefit more from a group chat than from individual peer to peer messages. On the other hand, some of the threads here can be too noisy but one can always unsubscribe from them.


I think this feature should be added on Sololearn!!! It's a community...if there was messaging option, the pressure of Q/A discussions might be decreased!!


If the messaging feature is added, SoloLearn may turn to a dating app.


you can send suggestions to [email protected]


I would like it to discuss my codes and problems with the person i like and same interests.



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