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If I make a tutorial on blockchain basics, would anybody be interested? It might include general idea of blockchain, use-cases, basic concept of consensus algorithms and some code as POC.

8/27/2018 10:05:02 AM

Van Hohenheim

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I made a blockchain implementation using JavaScript. It may be useful for you lesson course


Nice. I agree with you, Van Hohenheim (Edward❤ Father)


yeah... or implementing a blockchain with usecase is the next contest. 😰😰


I'll interested in it Dear


Just do it )) We are interested



Yes, but pls show practice in JavaScript. Look at Savjee tutorial


sure make it


good this very interesting Blockchain Technology


I think everybody should know the basics behind blockchain, not just mining or trading, so do it, please.


Join forces with these guys?


Interested, please do


Yes pleas make a guide how everything works and why it does what it does


Is blockchain used in bitcoin? Can any language be used for its implementation?


I'll be interested


Yes pls. Will be very glad. Kindly carry on with it. We are with you


I've just made a e blockchain-like system in java: do you consider it a blockchain?


Definitely! 😍


I actually came here with the hope of getting a Bockchain intro. Perhaps you could couple it with the JavaScript module? As a follow up rather than a standalone?


That would be great!