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R or Python for future BI professional?

hi everyone, I would like some advice please. I am a finance professional (master Accountancy, 4y working experience) with an ambition to enter Business Intelligence field (dashboards, yay!) living in the Netherlands (R-fan-Germany is nearby, but the Dutch corporate world is also a big fan of Python-powered-USA). I don't intend to become a programmer myself, but I do want to be able to work together with programmers in multi-disciplinairy teams. so the question is, which language would make most sense for me to try to learn? and that would be both easy for a noob to grasp and open the most doors for me?

8/26/2018 11:54:08 AM

Olia Fjodorowa

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If just for calculations, then I think R would be fine. If you're looking for small task completion like say, automatically taking data from somewhere putting it in excel then emailing it to someone, then Python would be better. Learning Java could also be ok. But if I had to choose one, I'd say Python. Yes I would say it's easy to learn. Though no doubt at times it may feel hard when you're stuck on a bug, there is always the hindsight after it's fixed.