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Intervals in Python3

Hi! Could someone teach me how to create an interval in Python? I've already searched on the internet but came without a good answer. I get an error whenever I type ---> x=interval ( [2,y-1] ). I need integers to build my very first program. I tried to import interval from interval module but Py doesn't recognize it. Thanks in advance!

8/24/2018 7:10:42 PM

Virgil Baclanov

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Virgil Baclanov Let's say you want to divide the integer 294 by every integer in the interval from 13 up to 54. The results can make a list like this: x = 294 results = [x/y for y in range(13, 55)] Observation: the `%` symbol is for modulus operation, not for division.


Assume you need an interval from 1 to 9. So you do: my_interval = list(range(1, 10)) # the end of the interval is non-inclusive # so if you need an interval from "m" up to "n", you should do range(m, n+1)


You would do something like this: new_list = [] for i in interval: new_list.append(i % 5) print(new_list) -------------- To shorten that you could do: print([i % 5 for i in interval])


You might be looking for range objects: >>> x = range(50, 100) >>> len(x) 50 >>> 83 in x True >>> x[3] 53 >>> x[-1] 99 >>> x[13:24] range(63, 74) >>> for i in range(11): print(i*i, end = ' ') 0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100


Eduardo Petry Just A Rather Ridiculously Long Username Thanks a lot, guys! Both versions seem to work for my program. Have a nice day!


Oh okay thanks, happy coding!


Just A Rather Ridiculously Long Username happy coding, too!


Eduardo Petry thanks! But, what do I do when I wanna divide an integer by *each* integers in the interval? example -- I type ---> if dividend%interval==0: ... but Phyton is telling me that it is an unsupported operand type(s) for %: 'int' and 'list'