any help here ?不不不不不 i know is funny | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


any help here ?不不不不不 i know is funny

how to ask for input and why is not working?

8/22/2018 11:56:56 PM


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it asks for input. the problem might be that you have to do it like this. 5 5


it is soo consfusing , im used to code in c++ now since i started python , life doesnt make sense for me anymore 不不不不不不


ah doesnt matter i noticed that inputs are in separate lines


ucudean Adrian-Ionu 不


now isnt that hard anymore


It works for me. As someone said, separate the input numbers with a newline (enter).


ucudean Adrian-Ionu lol!!! Python is the easiest language that i ever use!


In Sololearn code playground you have to give all input at once. If your program requires two different inputs in different places it will not ask you in program in run time. It ask you before compile time.