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Do you use Git Client?

If so, which one and why? Clarification: it's a graphical user interface (GUI) for working with Git.

8/22/2018 12:50:11 PM

rudolph flash

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I don't use a graphic client. That way I am sure I keep practicing and remember how to use the command line, and I am not lost when I move to another machine or help someone else who doesn't have the client installed :-)


Sourcetree. I've tried Github but I could never get it to work so I switched to Sourcetree.


I use the MGIT App on Android, it works very well, but it wasnt easy for me, because i didnt know the commands. I have too downloaded the Git Quick Reference App to understand which commands are nessesarry to publish my codes.


Git from the terminal is simple enough, you just need to remember a few commands. I find it to be a bit faster as well.