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Why The programmer needs 2 screen monitor ?

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8/15/2018 1:23:22 AM

Omar Khalil Bakhsh

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First monitor: IDE Second monitor: Stack Overflow


In case an evil hacker gets control of the first one 😂


not just programmers need 2 moniters. many jobs that use computers a lot need two monitors. I think I would be quite useful to have more space for more windows. Jax XD


maybe one for the real codes and the other one for Trial to adding more features...


Jax you crazy 😂😂😂 okay i will buy 10


Coz he was also a gamer


Front end development is better with at least three monitors. 😉 Gotta view the output -- especially for different browsers and screen sizes.


I like to have one to look at google, and the other for code. If I'm doing web development, I'll have one with code, and the other with a view of the site.


Debugger eats a lot of screen space and is better in the full screen size. But you need some space to see an application that is debugged. It is critical for games that run in the full screen mode. In some specific cases you need in 2 computers to debug "remotely".


I don't really know about this, with a system you chan achieve a lot