🍪 New Weapons Available! 🍪\(≧▽≦) | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


🍪 New Weapons Available! 🍪\(≧▽≦)

Update: - Java, Python now available! We can submit quizzes for php and c# programming languages in Quiz Factory! Update2: - Your statistics and progress insights are in your coder profile. JQuery Tutorial is available now! New badge "Creator Master" has been added. Update3: - C# is available now! SoloLearn has been updated! Manage your activity feed, block users, restrict specific weapon challenge requests, and more in "Settings". :> Update4: - HTML is available now!

12/28/2016 12:29:01 PM

Hatsy Rei

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Python is also available!!! :)


Yaaay!! Finally.👍 Good work SoloLearn, we really appreciate it.


Add C next please.


c# and php in quiz factory!!! whoo!!!


Waiting for Ruby:-)


right on time... I just started learning java couple of days ago... So far I am in love with SoloLearn. Fun place and very user friendly interface. Thank u guys. hopefully much more good things will happen here... Wish you a very happy new year all :)


I think, in future c# and php may come


Great It's gonna be deadly


We need Visual Basic also And C programming languege


I love it, but I need C language in community.


Great. Now everybody can see my embarrassing stats.


Yay, Python's finally here! Waiting for Ruby now!


that is a good weapon and I am waiting for that


I was waiting for it!!! =) ThanX SoloLearn!


that good now I can practice my java


waiting for html and css



I still am happy that Python is there


@Boris Me too! Would love to see Ruby getting its own quizzes!


C# is available now!