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[SoloLearn] Raspberry Pi Tutorial

Is there a chance SoloLearn might add a tutorial on Raspberry Pi? At least a small one, like the one on SQL perhaps. Some general knowledge, tips&tricks on Raspbian configuration and basic Python hacking... Thumbs up if anyone interested :)

12/27/2016 8:45:31 PM

Kuba Siekierzyński

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it would be a too short or too long tutorial and restricted to the raspberry pi only. On the other hand, having a course to cover linux shell basics would be nice... and useful for every board with embedded linux system (rpi, linux pc, beagle board, arduino yun ecc.....) @Christopher J. S. I totally agree Linux and the Rpi are totally addictive: you have to bang your head sometimes but you always get where you want and when you do, it feels goood. Something that made me realize how restricted and limited feels my Windows experience.


Would be really nice !!!! But there are already so much tutorials (Books, YT Tutorials,....) Right ? :)


That's true, a better option, indeed :)


A shell tutorial. yes!


I was exposed to Linux using R Pi, lead me to learn and eventually switch to Linux.


i hope this course add , cause there are many sources for this kind of courses but we love SOLOLEARN !!!