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Suggestions for college project??

So I've completed my Android course and practicing it at home. since it's my 3rd year in college I have to submit a working project on any language. I'm going to choose Android, but I'm confused what should i make. The project should not be too simple and not too much complicated, that I can't even make. I just want to make a good and interesting project. So can anyone working on Android give some project suggestions and sources that'll help me🙂 ( I thought about making a app in which you can control the graphics,FPS, resolution but it's looks hard to make.)

8/8/2018 6:02:15 PM

Ankit Chourey

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Ankit Chourey Quiz app that give some questions to your users and based on users ...answer grade is given to users


that's really tough!! how far you've gone in android?


Ankit Chourey I'm also working on Android the way u can try building Quiz App...


Ankit Chourey Mention not 😋😂😎😎


it's been only 3 months, i know that's tough to make that's why I'm asking for suggestions. Do you have any suggestions??


can you tell me more about it🙂


I'll try it. thanks for suggesting 🙂