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Which language is best to build an A.I?

I was just curious to what language is mainly used or best for making an A.I (artificial intelligence), i always had a dream of making one someday when i get good enough lol.

8/7/2018 6:02:29 AM

Wesley Coleman

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use any language you like, but note that AI is a field of science, there are many ways, types or applications of AI like - NN, - robotics, - natural language processing, and there are many languages that are dominant for that AI domain, so pick a language accordingly. most of the times reason for picking language is just for convenience and familiarity few examples python dominates in many fields, few reasons being - numpy, pybrain - easy development - popular in scientific community R dominates in data analysis /statistical stffs and with packges like gmodels, RODBC its very popular in companies, so many decent paying corporate jobs with R lisp oldest and the AI origin language, but now not so common I know many sololearners using javascript to make their AI implementations because web codes dont have time and memory restrictions like other languages in sololearn app. so use any language you are comfortable but if need Good libraries then pick a popular language for that domain



As of now, python is the best language for Artificial Intelligence. But as per the current news since tensorflow.js is coming in use, it can give a tough fight to python because JavaScript adapt itself in any domain quite fast. But still Python would be my favourite choice.


Python is actually the most popular language for machine learning ,data science and AI. If you didn’t know this before . I guess you do now. Because Python is such a “friendly” programming language, even a programmer with very basic knowledge can easily handle python. What is also significant here is the time you spend on writing and debugging code in python, because many programmers say that it is way less when compared to C, C++ or Java. This of course is motivating and is one of the reasons why AI and ML students prefer Python. Python, has many ready-to-use, battle-testedlibraries to do the heavy lifting for you: pandas for loading and playing around with data, matplotlib for visualizing the data, sklearn-pandas for transforming our inputs into a numerical matrix, sklearn for the actual machine learning and assessment


I recommend Python and Tensorflow.js https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1345801/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/297677/?ref=app


I think python


check this 5 programing language for Artificial intelligence http://programmerraja007.blogspot.com/2018/07/5-best-programming-languages-for-ai.html


HTML..... 😂😂😂😂😅 (I'm kidding, in case the smilies weren't telltale...) 😂😂


Wesley Coleman, I think that if we combine programming languages, it would be better for AI..😉😉


the best is Python and js


python with brain of maker😂


Python 😍


LOVE PYTHON 💗💗💗😍😍😍😄👍🎉


tender flow. js, python, java etc


Primarily its Python which is mostly used in building the base of an A.I project but for additional functionalities p. languages like Java, JavaScript, MySQL, lisp, etc. are frequently used to give a touch of efficiency to the A.I projects... To my opinion a single programming language is not enough to develop an effective and flawless A.I project.....


Python is best


Try Java 💖


i thing is Python


Most popular - Python (major libraries - NumPy and SciPy), Tensorflow.js, and Java, Lisp is also used widely but due to its tough syntax, most of the us don't know about it's usage...


I think python javascript