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ReactJS vs. jQuery

A programmer friend of mine told me that I'm learning jQuery in vain and nowadays ReactJS is taking over everything instead. I'm new to this field and programming in general, and found what he said kinda discouraging. What do you think?

8/6/2018 8:49:34 AM


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Learn JavaScript well, than go to learn React.js. You could skip jQuery. I use only JavaScript, I have over thousand sets of codes on Code Playground. All are written in JavaScript without jQuery. Hopefully i can encourage you to learn JavaScript well later.


Once you proficient in JavaScript, you dont need jQuery.


if you are new to the field, best is to learn JavaScript very well first. This will help you understand what the JavaScript frameworks are good at, and it will be easier for you to move on between them.


I will try to learn JavaScript well later, but first want to get the whole picture of web development. My friend is proficient in JavaScript, and I wondered whether he's biased.