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Strings in python

I want to know about strings briefly in python.I cannot understand it.

8/5/2018 4:42:44 PM


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String is just a data type which is commonly used in python. Remember that everything which is under the two ' ' or " " is a string. e.g="Hello" or "123" we know 123 is a integer but in this example it is under the two " " so now it is can compare two strings with it like. "Hi"=="Hi" computer don't know what is Hi but when you write it in two ' ' or " " then computer know oh this is Hi. there is so many methods for string you can check it by Google.


These videos are very useful. I used these videos to learn the basics. I hope it helps!


It's a type of variable which contain multiple characters (you should read the comments they are really useful to understand a course)


A string can be defined as a sequence of characters. It doesn't matter what type of characters compose the string but the only important is that the text must be included inside single or double quotes. Regarding to this, you can create variables that contain strings as data type like name ='Tim' or surname ="Jansen". Regards


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