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end of javascript ?

Is WebAssembly (WASM) really going to end javascript? After finding out the WebAssembly can do javascript work as well, even doing improvisation so that applications that use lower level programming languages such as C and C ++ will be able to run in the browser like javascript. I just started learning javascript, but after knowing a video that discusses WebAssembly will replace javascript I get confused. Do I have to keep studying javascript or just study the WebAssembly?

8/2/2018 11:27:45 AM

Wahyu Indra Kusuma

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It would not replaced Javascript. In fact Webassembly helps JavaScript to growth to the area that can link high level languages like C or C++ language to the web arena.


I am really not familiar to WebAssembly, but I think you should keep going the JS route for the time being, since you said WebAssembly also supports JS code.


Ok, thank you for your opinion guys