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Is there a chance for adding Haskell course in SL?

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to SL team for creating this awesome app. Guys and girls you are great!☺ And I would like to learn some functional programming in pure functional language like Haskell or Elm, so it would be great IMHO to include it via lesson contribution projects and Code playground, if that is possible. What do others SoloLearn users think about this idea? Please, leave comments with your opinion!

7/28/2018 3:25:51 PM

Davor Kandic

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+2 ...and others available via search bar. Please use. Opinion: Haskell and Elm are great for medium sized projects -- a bit too cumbersome for smaller projects and not enough tooling/support for larger ones. I wouldn't ever say, "No, we don't need lessons for that," but I do think that SoloLearn has much more lower-hanging fruit per se. Always looking for more Haskellers and Elm folks to add to the candidate pool though.


hinanawi Thanks!


Janning⭐ I agree, and I think that even introductory course for some pure functional language would be more than useful.

+1 learn haskell here, it's pretty cohesive