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Do you have your own website?

Do you have your own website? When did you start building it? Which language do you use? and what is the content about? :)

7/27/2018 1:38:20 PM


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I've also one, is not about me but about a program I've been writing... Started around 4 years ago. Basically, I'm just using HTML and CSS with Bootstrap for the web site.


PIYAPORN KHUANKAEW Welcome! Yeap, I'm living over 20 years here, so I think I qualify to be on SoloLearn under Thai flag... 😊


talentless_guy Sure. I'm basically open for any suggestions. Just be aware that I didn't make it look like your website on purpose... I just don't like the flat standard design. So, that's not an option... 😏


BroFarOps Yes, I've looked at some other websites and got also good ideas from them. Some of them I skipped again... some I kept. I also had a look at the link which you posted a couple of days ago. I didn't read all the details, but considering the headings I follow most of the guidelines and I think all of them are good. I also did SEO and it's quite search engine friendly I would say. Of course three is all the time room for improvements... Anyway, my website is just a small one with a few pages and the navigation is quite simple. It's also only my hobby, so the time I can invest is somehow limited...


Olliwer Thanks, it took quite a long time because it is my first one. Had to figure out everything the hard way... 😭 and write the program and the manuals and... πŸ˜‚


talentless_guy I know that that's the "new" fashion and I don't say that their websites are not excellent, but they are just not my style. Might be also that I'm just getting too old and outdated... 😭 I've to confess also that I quite liked that style when it became popular, but after some time I just got a little bit bored with it. Anyway, I agree that their website are in a different league than mine and there are still a lot of things to improve... What do you hate most concerning my website?


talentless_guy By the way, my website is open source and you are of course welcome to contribute. Might be that I'm used to do it alone because nobody else wants to help... 😭 πŸ˜‰


As a holder of the GitHub Student Developer Pack (dunno if I got it right), I got the .me domain for free.


Modi I lived in Thailand since 2006. But now I'm back in Myanmar. Cheers bro!


I made a website for my discord bot. Feels a bit basic though :/ Anyways, here it is


I use [dot]tk and [dot]ga for several projects ~ especially startups before switching to premium domains - usually a month or so later... however, I also own the rights to a hosting provider which offers clustered technology -


for those interested ~


let me through two more websites out there and to get away from the hosting company websites


Take time to read this article as it may be beneficial


Modi Thanks for sharing :) Do you live in Thailand btw? Saw it on your profile haha


PIYAPORN KHUANKAEW to answer your question though, I prefer WordPress for making my websites, because of the ease of maintenance, and I just modify whatever I need to. A couple of my websites are and Hope that helps! :)


Thanks BroFarOps! 😊 It's really a great option actually. Saves me a ton of time. :)


i started my webpage in 1998. i used HTML aided by some editors and image tools. there was free webhosting sites at that time with a storage of 20MB. the pages was about my mountaineering trips, but a dinosaur crashed my computer and i gave up some years later. fortunately i still remember the html basics and was able to complete some lessons here at SL about it. old story yeah, but everything is true, i'd say - ok there is a fake statement guess which one :)


Modi look at and webdesign.


interesting Dark Angel