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So I recently installed Node.js. I've known about it for a while, but only recently decided to use it. I know absolutely nothing about it. What exactly is it? Why use it? And finally, where can I find a good tutorial for it?(not including w3schools)

7/24/2018 7:54:59 AM

Daniel Cooper

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Calviղ yes very low for our countries, Are you there on discord?


Daniel Cooper Calviղ I did my basic Nodejs from these youtube channels for free, and they are really Good. Net ninja ( this guy gives a lot of Good info for free on his channel) Traversy media ( he covers a lot of stuffs therefore doesnt describes well, but very nice if you know little bit basics) I also saw a beginners paid tuturial, I would never pay for what is already available for free. For Nodejs I would only pay for those courses that teach real Nodejs, (without using npm) Like the one offered at


Morpheus Nodejs master course seems resourceful, price is low. Might get the course later. Thanks for sharing.


This is a good Node.js course from Coursera


Morpheus I have uninstalled my discord, lacking of phone memory space.


Calviղ Got Facebook?