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Doubt in path to learn data structures.

I have almost completed python but i know very less about other languages. Now I want to learn data structures but I have a doubt (1) Should I learn data structures in python or (2)First I should learn c++ and then learn data structures in c++ Please guide me which is a better path to learn data structures.

7/23/2018 4:39:40 AM

Pulkit Kamboj

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if you are familar with python than its ok to learn data structure in python. its about the concept not the implementation.


Data structures behaviours are language indipedent (implementation details apart) ... Here there are some link that i think can help you


You have seen my code? In it there are links to data structure learn also

+1 ,tutorials point ,data camp , solo learn or udamy course . i just found thease on google i dont know how effective thease are but they seems grate. you can try.


thank you Rohan Vijayvergiya and KrOW , tell me from where should I learn data structures.